Instructional Design Project

This is my Instructional Design Module about Differentiated Instruction. I would love to hear any feedback you have about what other strategies I could incorporate into my Instructional Design Project.


Below you will find my Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy: The Cognitive Process Dimension Activity. All feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Hundley.ID-1. Honeybees – Bloom’s Taxonomy Project

Below you will a link to my Instructional Design Project on Honeybees:

Instructional Design Project: Honeybees

My Animoto Video Student Sample:

The Video Commercial Script Student Sample:

Animoto Video Commercial Script Student Sample

The Plant and Flower Order Form Student Sample:

Honeybee-Friendly Garden Order Form Blank Student Sample

The Honeybee-Friendly Garden Layout Student Sample:

Honeybee-Friendly Garden Layout Student Sample

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